An ear for health


An efficient and non-harmful way of treatment that can be used independently or complementary to any other treatment.

Auriculotherapy is a medical treatment using the earcup.

In Auriculotherapy, also known as auricular acupuncture, specific points on the earcup are stimulated to treat a broad variety of disorders.
Traditionally this is done with needles, but also with other techniques like cold, electricity or laser.
It is nearly painless but the effect is powerful and longlasting.

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What is Auriculotherapy?

What is the basis of auriculotherapy and how can the action of auriculotherapy be explained?


What are the most common indications for which auriculotherapy can be used?

In practice

What does a consultation look like? What are the treatment options and where to pay attention to?

Where to find an auriculotherapist?

Auriculotherapy is a medical treatment and must be performed by someone who has a thorough knowledge of the human body & mind, and all of its possible disorders. A medical doctor.
A decent auriculotherapist is a medical doctor who has specialised in auriculotherapy. In Belgium this formation is organised by the BVAA, teachers are Dr. Rini Verpraet and Dr. Jozef Heindryckx.